Well...one man's trash is another man's pleasure.

-K. Michael Hays, on A Conference of Galactic Delights


One man's ceiling is another man's floor.

-K. Michael Hays



You make thick, coagulated space.

-Anonymous, on Dark Freak



-Unnamed Landscape Architectural Professional


There was always a feeling that something weird, wonderful and unexpected lay around the next corner. An alien environment with a warm welcome and familiar spirit. 

-Visitor to Glen Falls House



Whoa whoa whoa looks amazing!!!!

-Instagram commenter



This is not a work of landscape architecture...

-Anita Berrizbeitia


I miss Dr. Dark Freak.

-Fellow Disciple of the Dr.


...the best exhibit at the GSD in the four years I've been here.

-Esteemed Colleague



❤️ last night was so awesome - you guys killed it.

-Party Attendee



I don't like shame so don't make me use it too much, please!!!

-Official Mentor of Nocturnal Medicine


So appropriate and so insightful.

As I once uttered at a party in this city: this is not a coincidence, this is an ecology.

-Soul Friend of Nocturnal Medicine, on Dark Freak