Dark Freak x Scapegoat 11: Life

For the LIFE issue of Scapegoat Journal, Nocturnal Medicine explored the material panorama of our roving, sporadically re-occurring party series, Dark Freak. Each installment of Dark Freak is anchored by a series of luscious material tableaux crafted from both the categories of “life” (fish oil capsules, dried flowers) and “nonlife” (petroleum jelly, acrylic shards, onyx) and brings them, through association with each other, into an inbetween space. Through the space of party, these assemblages are brought into contact with some of the most vital aspects of being human—sensuality, sociality, sexuality—using them to bring the human into intimate awareness of the truth of the inbetween. They invite indulgence while casting off the need for definition. They draw on the party ethos that “anything goes”—wherein the adherence to the strictures of certainties and categories is unwound in the space of party.

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Type: Publication

Time: 2018

Location: Belcic, Larissa, and Michelle Shofet. "Dark Freak." Scapegoat. 11 (2018): 76-79. Print.

Collaborators: Dr. Dark Freak


Pink silk

pours onto the ground. A mirror lays on top, a dollop of petroleum jelly spooned onto its surface. An electric candle, a dried seed pod, an iPhone screen lit up solid blue, seven antacid tablets come in and out of the scene. A camera records the scene, looking for romance: a redirection of the light brings out the shimmer latent in the jelly’s body; the mirror dissolves as it nestles deeper into the silken folds. The resultant image foretells a night of luxury: the lusciousness of disparate bodies meeting and finding just the right ways to be with one another.

Scapegoat 5